• Trust Inns group partners with the technology provider Screach to transform hundreds of in-venue TV screens into a smart digital signage system to communicate with staff and customers
  • 150 Trust Inns pubs across the UK will use Screach ‘plug and play’ smartboxes to display high-visibility Covid-safe messages on venues’ existing TVs
  • Screach returns to its roots to help pubs in these challenging times to reassure customers, help enforce social distancing and keep patrons and staff safe

London, 10th July 2020  Trust Inns has teamed up with the technology provider Screach to help more than 150 pubs across the UK keep Covid-safe.

The partnership will see Trust Inns’ leased and tenanted pubs install a Screach smartbox, allowing them to transform their existing TV screens into a smart digital signage system. 

Screach’s ‘plug and play’ technology enables venues to get value out of their TVs, by using them to show high-impact, memorable messages that remind customers and staff to follow the current Covid safety guidelines.

The service offers an entry level product at preferential rates, and is a powerful way for venues to reassure customers and show they are serious about enforcing social distancing rules and Government guidelines.

The preferential pricing is designed to help pubs get access to the system at a time when revenues are only just starting to flow again. As a digital system using TVs, Screach is more visible than any conventional sign could ever be, with interesting and engaging content and a deck of dozens of digital posters that is constantly updated to comply with the latest official guidance.

The partnership marks a return to Screach’s digital signage roots to assist pubs in these challenging times. Last year it launched the first ever live streaming platform designed and built for pubs and commercial venues. Meaning pubs across the UK are now able to use Screach’s smartbox technology to stream live, HD sports content from the broadcaster Premier Sports. Trust Inns pubs will also have access to these benefits through a simple subscription upgrade. 

​Robert Rawlinson, CEO of Screach, explains: “Screach has always helped pubs make their TVs work for them. We began life as a digital signage provider, and in 2019 we evolved into the UK’s first integrated live streaming and venue marketing platform. 

“Now we’re using the power of our technology to enable pubs to deliver the messages that matter most in the post-Covid world. As pubs reopen after more than three months of lockdown, it’s vital that they do so safely. 

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Trust Inns, and to helping them unlock to power of their TVs to keep their customers and staff safe.”  

Marianne Rose, Marketing and Commercial Manager at Trust Inns, added:

“Partnership is central to our relationship with our leaseholders and tenants, and Screach offers a powerful way for us to support them at this crucial time. 

“Our partners are responsible, trusted members of their local community, and Screach’s signage technology will allow them to reassure customers and demonstrate their commitment to keeping everyone in their venue safe, both now and in the future. 

​“We’re also acutely aware of the shift to streaming for all live sports. As a key part of the proposition for a great number of our pubs, Screach gives us a future-proof solution in a changing market place.”

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